Monday, June 04, 2007
Next in Line
Iloilo City Councilor Nielex “LEX” Tupas is the youngest son of Iloilo Governor Niel Tupas and Former Barotac Viejo Mayor Myrna Causing-Tupas. He is very much proud of the Tupas name. His two brothers are also in politics, Congressman Niel Tupas Jr and Barotac Viejo Mayor Raul Tupas. Although, Lex is the only one who chose a different area for his political plans wherein no TUPAS has yet been voted and that is Iloilo City. Iloilo City is a highly urbanized city which has its own City Mayor and Lone District Congressman. Lex even has said that it was his first time not to vote for his tatay and two brothers.

Councilor Lex Tupas is a professor/teacher by profession. He teaches Economics (4th Year) at School of the Future, Iloilo National High School, Lapaz, Iloilo City since August 2005. He also teaches Masters Programs and undergrad subjects at the Philippine Christian
University and the International Academy of Management and Economics. It may be surprising for a man like him to teach in spite of graduating in prestigious schools like La Salle Greenhills (elementary and high school wherein he was an honor student), Ateneo de Manila University where he finished AB Economics (he was also a Dean's lister), Asian Institute of Management where he finished his post graduate course in Basic Management and UP Dliman Campus where he got his Masters degree in Public Management. “Everybody was surprised why I am teaching but I have learned so much and I’m enjoying it. It is about molding young minds to become good leaders.” He added. For him, teaching will always be a noble profession.

Growing up with his family, he was exposed to public service. He needs to excel in so many things because of too much expectation. He does not want anything easy because he loves challenges in order for him to strive harder. “I took everything as a challenge and it became somehow a yard stick. And that I would strive to perform more than what I think I couldn’t.” Lex said. In achieving his goals, he took it one-step at a time. Small wonder why he excelled in both academics as well as leadership. “tatay would always say, ‘quitters will never be winners because in the very beginning you’ve already lost because you’ve given up.” These are the things that made him pursue everything he wanted.

Lex is also a youth leader as he was overwhelmingly elected as the National Vice President for Students of the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI), the youth wing of Liberal Party. He says, “When it was my time to speak, I told them the realities, never promising on anything. Maybe it was just because I was just being real to them. I think it’s the reason why I was elected.” He is also either the youngest officer or member of Junior Chamber International Iloilo, Rotary Club of Jaro, Knights of Columbus, YMCA, BCBP and other socio-civic organizations. He is also the City Chairman of one of the biggest local political parties, UGYON party which has three incumbent City Councilors in Iloilo and a number of barangay captains, SK Chairmen, barangay kagawads, professionals and individuals in its fold.

In the recent national/local elections, he won as one of the Councilors in Iloilo City garnering almost 73,000 votes. This was the biggest vote for a neophyte and first timer candidate in the city. He could not stop thanking the city residents of their support and for the very warm welcome. Too much exposure in politics is not the reason why he entered in this field but because of his desire to be a public servant who is willing to help and provide the needs of his constituents. He believes in giving a strong voice to the youth of Iloilo. He said, “we have to truly live up to being the future of our country and we have to be part of the process of improving the lives of our fellowmen”.

He is a leader who believes in practicing social responsibility, integrity and word of honor. He also makes sure everything he does is organized and planned well as he believes in working efficiently and effectively. Probably, he will be the next in line in serving the Ilonggos in a bigger capacity in the future.

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Friday, August 18, 2006
August 21: A remembrance in threefolds
August 21 holds a special place in the hearts of Philippines Liberals because, quite coincidentally, three important events happened on this momentous day. Two were tragedies that turned to victories, one for the party and one for the nation. Another possessed the hope of a brighter tomorrow for the party and the nation. All deserve their special place in the annals of Philippine politics and history, for on this day, momentous events happened that changed the course of a nation forever.

1971 Plaza Miranda Bombing

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It was the day that the Liberal Party would come out at its strongest against the increasing-authoritarian society that President Ferdinand Marcos was leading the country to. August 21, 1971 was the tragic day of the LP miting de avance, when the country’s leading political figures would ascend the stage amidst a teeming crowd and deliver their points about the country’s top political concerns.

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Everything was perfect on the stage in Plaza Miranda situated in Quiapo, where the leadership of the Liberal Party had gathered to lauched their candidates for the senatorial race, until one grenade was thrown toward the stage, instantly killing 9 people in the audience and on stage, including members of the media and Liberal Party’s major personalities. Tragic as it may seem, the Plaza Miranda Bombing became a shinning moment for the Liberal Party when it made a disgruntled citizenry vote against the increasingly-authoritarian regime of Marcos, electing nearly all the LP candidates to the Senate.

1983 Ninoy Aquino Assassination

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August 21, 1983 marked a turning point in Philippine history. Fully aware of the risk, Senator Ninoy Aquino, LP secretary general, was returning from three years in exile in an attempt to restore freedom, sensing the deepening bankruptcy of Marcos’s rule that could lead to chaos and anarchy if left to further decay.

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Then, a gunshot, - three more, then shouts. A jumble of figures running across the tarmac of Manila International Airport. Amid the chaos, two bodies lie dead on the apron. One is Ninoy Aquino’s body.

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It became the spark that become the bonfire of the People Power Revolution and lighted the beacon of dawning democracy and freedom, not just for the Philippines but indeed for the whole world as movements for democracy that used the non-violent approach of People Power flourished in its aftermath.

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After Senator Aquino’s death, many felt the promise of peaceful change had died with him. From one man’s sacrifices a nation was reborn in its commitment not just to democracy but to the other values we still struggle to institutionalize today: justice, equality, social formation and good governance.

1989 KALIPI’s Founding Anniversary

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The trying times are over when the saving grace of the Liberal Party came into shape. August 21, 1989, with the aim of providing a venue for youth involvement in parliamentary struggle, serve as a training ground for young leaders, inculcate and deepen the understanding of liberalism among young people and build a strong youth movement that will transform the nature of Philippine politics, the Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas was born.

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KALIPI is composed of young patriotic leaders most from the so-called “young turks” of LP. It played a crucial role in Philippine politics, standing for the removal of foreign military beses, against coup d’ etat, lobbied for the creation of the National Youth Commission, fought for the Magna Carta for Students, the Kabataang Kontra Cha-cha and the Anti-VFA campaign.

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From then on, the KALIPI remains and is acknowledge as one of the largest and most dynamic youth wings of a political party in the country today and continues to make itself relevant to its constituents among its various chapters by providing needed exposures and training.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
The kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas
-Young Liberals of the Philippines-

An empowered youth pursuing the ideals and aspirations of our people in a progressive and democratic Philippines.

... the saving grace of the Liberal Party

The Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas (KALIPI) or the young liberals of the Philippines remains and is acknowledge being one of the most dynamic youth organizations of the country today.

KALIPI is composed of young patriotic leaders aged 15-35 years – – community youth, elected local officials, respected student leaders, dynamic community youth leaders and successful young professionals. These young Davids shall mould the future of the organization and the nation. The kind of Nation we will have tomorrow.

KALIPI is established on 21st of August 1989 by the young turks of the Liberal Party Eli Quinto, Solphie Confiado, Dinggoy Roxas & Mikee Macapagal-Arroyo having in mind that this sectoral formation would be the venue for future leaders of the party and of the country.

After few months of establishment, Fmr. Sen. Pres. Jovito R. Salonga, the president of the party then, recognizes what the group has done in just a short period saying that KALIPI will be the saving grace of the Liberal Party.

… we make history, we make change

KALIPI played a crucial role in Philippine politics; it stood for the removal of foreign military bases, stood against coup d’tat, lobbied for the creation of the National Youth Commission, fought for the Magna Carta for Students, launches Kabataang Kontra Cha-Cha, Anti-VFA campaign and participated in the 2nd people power revolution.

… globalizing freedom

KALIPI is the only Asian member of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) – the world’s largest organization of young liberals. Former KALIPI chair Chito Gascon and Rep. Neric Acosta served as Vice President for Asia of IFLRY. It is also a founding member of the Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) of which former KALIPI Vice President Jonathan Malaya served as President and the current KALIPI Secretary General as its head of membership committee.

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